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May's Author of the Month

May 6, 2020

May's Author of the Month

When Author Anna Dewdney created Llama Llama, she created a wonderful example of what happens when our littlest people get overwhelmed or frightened in certain environments and how they can work through it.


I am sure you can relate when Llama Llama has a tantrum in the grocery store in the story “Llama Llama Mad at Mama”. 





Also, most adults will agree that helping a child to learn to sleep in their own room is very similar to ​what occurs in “Llama Llama Red Pajama”. 



In addition to these titles, Anna Dewdney also wrote stories about Llama Llama dealing with going to school for the first time, holiday drama, feeling sick, bullying and even learning to share. 


Little Llama Llama is a very sweet portrayal of young children making their way through new experiences.

These experiences and situations cause Llama Llama to have strong emotions and in each story he learns that everything is going to be okay with a little help from his family or friends.

This is all accomplished through Anna Dewdney’s use of simple rhyming verse and sweet illustrations in which she is both Author and Illustrator. There have been over 20 Llama Llama books created, with the first being printed in 2005.  In addition, every one of the Llama Llama books has been awarded the honor of being on the New York Times Best Sellers List.  Llama Llama books are frequently chosen to be included in literacy campaigns and have been printed in over 8 languages around the world!  

Make sure to check out a Llama Llama book today to share with a child because with a little help from our families and friends, everything will always turn out just fine.

Brain Blooming Ideas:

-Find out more about llamas!  Are there Youtube videos of them, pictures or information from zoos or books from the library about them?

-Action words!  Find some fun action words as you read, like "jumps and shouts" and reenact them.

-Rhyming!  Find words throughout the book that you can create rhymes for.

-Emotions!  Llama Llama has many emotions.  Talk about what Llama Llama is feeling in the story and talk about how that feels with your child.


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