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January's Giveaways!

January 24, 2019

January's Giveaways

This month Bloom is featuring book giveaways from Todd Parr!

These books are colorful and feature postive messages for children.



We also have a few winter books that are included.  PLUS, the book "I Can Do It!" featuring the message that it's ok to get help.



Spike the Headgehog is a fine motor toy!  The colorful pegs fit into his back and help kids develop their hand muscles.  These muscles are important for writing and many other skills.  Kids can also learn colors, counting, and anything else you can imagine to play with him.  


We have also included crayons and a sketch pad for plenty of drawing and writing practice.  Kids will scribble, draw, and then begin to write.  They love to make lists for shopping or draw about what they did for the day.



Comment at Lake Bloom on Facebook by January 31, 2019 to be entered to win!  Tell us where you and your family look for words and letters all around town.  Examples are newspapers, at the store or on labels.  Find out more at this link:


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