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November's Author of the Month

November 5, 2019

November's Author of the Month

Berenstain Bears

Need some help teaching little ones about Stranger Danger or maybe just cleaning up their room?  Well, The Berenstain Bears can help!  

Jan and Stan Berenstain, authors of the Berenstain Bears books have been creating stories of the Bear Family’s adventures since 1962.  

With over 300 titles, these short, easy to read stories have the ability to help young children learn about a variety of challenging predicaments in a fun and engaging way.  The Berenstain Bears tackle all kinds of situations from having good manners to what happens when Mama gets a job outside the home. In many of the stories, positive behavior is encouraged along with responsibility and a focus on being kind to others.

Family Talking Points: These books have wonderful pictures that you can look at and discuss with your child. You can talk about how the bears are the same and different from people or bears. Ask which bear is their favorite and why. Depending on the topic of the book, ask what your child would have done in one of the situations mentioned.

Activities: All of these activities give you time to talk with your child while you are creating something together. You can talk about the colors being used, how much of something to use, or what they like the most. They will find a creative way to make the project their own!

Bear Snacks

Banana, Cheerio, & raisin snacks

Feed the Bear an Alphabet


Make a Bear Mask

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