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September's Author of the Month

September 6, 2018

September's Author of the Month


This is a perfect series to ask your child questions like, "what will happen next?"   Even if your child is an infant, you can still ask a few times to help model language.

If you’re not familiar with what happens when you give a Mouse a Cookie or a Pig a Pancake, it’s time to sit down and read one of these titles by New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Numeroff.

Laura Numeroff has been writing children’s stories since 1975, her most popular and well-known title, “If you give a mouse a cookie” was first published in 1985 after nine rejections from other publishers.  She has gone on to write well over 30 children’s books since then.

Her extremely popular “If you give a…” series of stories each follow an animal character’s silly antics after being a given a treat. Each new action causes the character to find something else silly to do and on goes the adventure!  

Not only are these stories great examples of cause and effect, the fun could be extended into cooking projects with your child. Cooking projects are a great way to introduce new vocabulary words, learn math skills, follow directions and practice teamwork.  

So, be sure to check out a Laura Numeroff book the next time you and your child are at the library and find out just what can happen when you give a Dog a Donut, or give a Cat a Cupcake or any of the other fun stories this wonderful Author has written.


Find out more by clicking on this link to visit Laura Numeroff's website.


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