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July's Giveaways

July 13, 2018

July's Giveaways


Bloom's activity for July is all about exploring Lake County!

Our giveaways this month feature 2 Chester the Raccoon books!  These are great books about being brave and trying new things.

We also included a fun touch book for young children to have a tactile experience during reading and an "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed...." book for great repetition practice.

Focusing on the outdoors the package has chalk, a soft frisbee, and play-doh.  These allow your child to play while strengthening their hand and arm muscles.  We even included a popsicle mold so you can make some healthy treats to cool down in the summer.


To enter to win comment and tell us what you have explored in Lake County by July 31, 2018 on Lake Bloom's Facebook page.


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