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July's Author of the Month

July 2, 2018

July's Author of the Month

Oh, sweet Chester and his first day of school!  

Sending your baby off to school pulls on the heartstrings of all parents and Bloom’s July’s Author has given us the perfect story to help alleviate both our children’s fears and our own.  

Audrey Penn has been writing stories for most of her life, beginning with her childhood journals that were the basis of her first book, Happy Apple Told Me in 1975.  Her most well-known book, The Kissing Hand starring everyone’s favorite raccoon, Chester was published in 1994. It quickly became a family favorite to teach children not to be afraid to go to school, as well as providing a very sweet remedy to remember that even when away from your loved ones you can still stay connected and feel their love.

Audrey Penn has since gone on to write several additional stories starring Chester Raccoon with topics ranging from dealing with a bully to moving to a new home and school.  Each title uses the same sweet style of storytelling along with the same beautiful illustrations.

Many of the illustrations in the Chester stories are in a nighttime setting which presents an opportunity for families to explore the concepts of nocturnal animals and what it might be like to sleep during the day and move about at night.  To learn more about Audrey Penn and Chester go to


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