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Nurturing Families

February 15, 2018

Nurturing Families

The Nurturing Families Program provides tips, support and resources for Lake County parents!

Mirella sounds like many parents when she describes ongoing friction with her daughter. Arguments happened over homework, household chores, and bickering with siblings.

Mirella is a mother of six and she found it difficult to take care of her own needs, which left little empathy for her family.

Then her local school, through Healthy Start, invited her to the Nurturing Families program. She attended every class offered, bringing her adult daughters and their young children as well. And things began to positively change at home!  

The Nurturing Families Program is a program administered by Healthy Start through the Lake County Office of Education that offers classes to parents and their children to help them learn new ways to work together as a family.

Nurturing Families is based on the philosophy that parenting is learned - the way parents were raised directly influences the way they raise their children. 

Families with small children can begin learning strategies for setting limits, for family communication and how to care for each other that will last a lifetime. Families can find ways to move forward together, for kids to get homework done and attend school and for more laughter than tears at home.

Join us for a class or drop in!

For more information visit: or call (707) 289-4110

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