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February Giveaway

February 9, 2018

February Giveaway



Bloom is excited to celebrate the works of Dr. Seuss this February!  In order to get ready for his birthday on March 2, Bloom is taking the whole month to have fun with his silliness.

Look at the Activities page to enter to win

Why did we select these prizes?

This is a great pack of books to introduce the comical world of Dr. Seuss to a family!  These books include some of the most popular books he has written.  Each book has rhyming as well as cute characters.  There are TONS of activities you can find online to go with each book.


The Alphabet Book is wonderful for all ages!  It is especially intriguing for younger readers who are still learning about each letter.  Families can practice the sounds each letter makes, writing each letter, or finding the letters from friends names.


Dr. Seuss has many colorful characters.  Paint and colored paper let your child create their own goofy characters inspired by the books.  Using paintbrushes allows your child to develop their hand muscles.  This is a HUGE first step for writing and cutting!  They need tons of hands-on activities to make these muscles grow.

Winners announced March 1, 2018.  *Note: You must be able to pick up your giveaway in Lake County, CA*

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