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Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Enjoy your time together as a family!

This month Bloom's activity is to take time to make memories with your family.  Find a new family tradition to start.

Some ideas to get you started are:

-Read new books together

-Write stories as a family

-Cook something special together

-Bring hot cocoa or warm milk to enjoy outside

-Pick a day to decorate cookies

-Make crafts for family & friends.  Handprint art is always a favorite!

-Take a new family photo

-Drive around to look at holiday lights

-Make a paper chain as a way to countdown the days to a holiday/birthday

-Camp out in the living room or build a fort

-Have each family say or write what they are thankful for and keep for the next year.

-Sing songs together

Books provide tons of opportunities for your family.  You can have bonding time together while reading and create fun new memories.  There are many beautiful pictures to enjoy in books and characters to get familiar with.  You and your child can pick a favorite character and create your own crafts from them.  Great places to get free books are:

Lake County Libraries, click this link to learn more:

Free books delivered to your house, click this link to learn more:

Cook Together!

Tons of laughs happen in the kitchen.  Your child can assist you while you make meals.  They can learn about measurements and reading recipes or how ingredients are put together.  

Some ideas to get you started in the kitchen:



Tell us about your favorite family tradition or activity to create a memory.  Leave a comment or picture on Lake Bloom's Facebook.  Comments must be received by December 31, 2018.  This month there will be 2 families randomly selected to win.  Prizes announced soon!

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