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Games are fun for the whole family!

Why are games so important to play?????

-Sharing: Games are a wonderful way to help teach your child to share as they practice taking turns with games.  They will get more and more comfortable with sharing the dice or game pieces as they play.

-Keep trying: When your family plays games different people will win and children will see that it is ok to not win every time.  The adults can model different ways to congratulate the winner and offer to try again.

-Impulse Control: If things don't go the way your child wants getting angry will not help to win the game.  Take time to calm them down and help them control their impulses while playing.

-Creativity: Encourage your child to make their own games and rules.  Have them teach you how to play.

-Planning: The more planning ahead your child attempts the better chance of success they will have.

-Counting: Most games have some kind of counting or numbers involved for your child to practice.

Conversations!  Studies have shown over and over that one of the top predictors of brain development is conversations.  hen you and your family play games there will be tons of conversation happening.  Whether you talk about your day or focus on what's happening during the game, take this valuable time to hear what your children have to say.  Often while children are playing a game, or focusing on something, they will start discussing more emotional and/or in-depth thoughts. 

Click the link for view games for toddlers at 

Tell us about a game that you and your family enjoy together by 9/30/18 and be entered to win our giveaway!  To enter to win, leave us a comment at the Lake Bloom Facebook page.



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