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Starting School

Starting School

Is your child turning 5 by December and starting Kindergarten?  Or turning 3 or 4 and starting preschool?  

These are both exciting milestones!

Curious how to help your child get ready for school?  Bloom into Kindergarten has TONS of ideas  Click on the image below to access the book.









Things to practice at home before school starts:

Writing your child's name - Have an adult write it and the child trace it until they are comfortable writing it on their own.

Using scissors - With an adult, let your child practice cutting.  

       They can practice cutting different colors of paper into small pieces to make confetti.

        Draw lines on a paper and have them cut on the line.

        Cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers to make a collage.

Drawing - This is where writing begins and kids build their hand muscles to write.

          Let them pick from different drawing tools like pencils, markers, ink pens, or crayons.

           Give them free drawing time as well as help them to draw items.  Searching online for drawing tutorials will help you break down the steps and teach them to draw.

Writing - Children will go through milestones learning to write.  Give them time and encouragement and have them practice each day.  

       They can write cards, grocery lists, chore lists, a story, or describe something they like.

The NAEYC has put together a wonderful writing milestone image to show how this skill develops.  Click the image below to see the complete website.

Reading - Read each day with your child to boost their literacy skills, imagination, and give them bonding time with a parent.

          Go to the library and find new books to read

           Have your child retell a favorite book 

           Look at the pictures to predict what will happen next

Tell us about how you and your family get ready for school together by 8/31/19 and be entered to win our giveaway!  To enter to win, leave us a comment at the Lake Bloom Facebook page.

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