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Let's Garden

Let's Garden


Spending time in the garden is tons of fun for the family!

  Playing in the dirt

                                  Making mud

                                                     Watching colorful plants grow

Gardening is full of excitement and memory making with your family!

Children are curious and love to learn by doing.  Gardening gives your child a hands-on way to learn all about science and is a great time to enjoy time together.  Plants also provide your child with a sense of confidence when they begin growing and blooming.

What to plant?

Sunflowers!  Fast growing and can have edible seeds if you plant the "confectionary" types.

Snow Peas!  Kids can watch these grow and get to eat the peas.

Tomatoes!  Cherry tomatoes are especially fun to grow because of their small size.  Healthy and vibrantly colored plants to grow.

Nasturtiums!  These flowers grow very quickly and are highly resistant making them easier to grow.

Carrots!  These plants are tricky..... The part you eat grows in the dirt!

Family Gardening

-Have your child help you select the perfect garden area.  Describe what you are looking for in a quality garden area and discuss your different options around the house. 

                          Do you want to plant in the ground or in planters?

                           Where is there enough sun?

                          How can you get water to that spot?

-Tools!  Help your child use the tools needed for the garden. 

                           Are there small shovels they can use to dig?

                            How can they turn the hose on and off?

                           Do they need sunscreen while outside or special clothing?

-Seeds or plants?  Seeds provide a great way for children to learn the entire plant cycle and they are fascinated to watch the seeds start growing.  Plants make things go a bit quicker.

                          Can you plants seeds and plants?

                          Where can the seeds stay safe?

                           How long do the seeds take to sprout? (Hint: buy at least one quick sprouting seed                                so your child can quickly see how exciting it is.)

Click here and check out Lake County farmers markets!  Our local markets even accept EBT & WIC!

Recipes can be found below:


Bloom's May activity is to tell us about what gardening activities you like to do with your family and/or what healthy foods you enjoy.

  Leave us a comment on Facebook at Lake Bloom and share what your family enjoys.  Enter by May 31, 2019 to be entered to win the giveaway this month.


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